Your support makes ministry possible

You first met Rosmah 10 years ago, when as a young mum, she was preparing to leave her village in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, in the country’s west, to study in Sabah, in the east on the island of Bornea.

As an eager young Christian woman, Rosmah had a strong sense of calling to serve as a pastor among her people, the indigenous Orang Asli, in her church, the Lutheran Church in Malaysia (LCM). After years of study, Rosmah was conferred her Bachelor of Theology from Sabah Theological Seminary and returned to west Malaysia to take up ministry in the LCM’s Orang Asli congregations in northern Malaysia .

Leaving traditional spiritual beliefs to follow Jesus cost this young mother much. Her husband left her and her two small boys Jamie and Joshua. Then, when she felt called to study theology to be equipped for ministry, she had to leave Jamie and Joshua (then 9 and 4) in the full-time care of her mother, Wak Yong, while she lived and studied in Sabah.

Today Rosmah serves as a pastor to the people in her village in the Cameron Highlands, bringing the message of Jesus Christ and the freedom from fear his loves brings, to the indigenous people of Malaysia.

You have prayed for Rosmah and supported her with funds for her scholarship to study for ministry among her indigenous people. Through the partnership in the gospel shared by the LCA International Mission and the LCM, you continue to support Rosmah and the Lutheran Church in Malaysia’s ministry to and with the Orang Asli.

Through LCA International Mission you also provide funds which are being used by the LCM for a scholarship for another pastoral ministry candidate Andry, and his wife and children, while Andry studies at Sabah Theological Seminary. Andry will graduate in 2018 and return to west Malaysia to take up ministry together with Rosmah and other pastors and evangelists serving among the Orang Asli.

At the General Assembly of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia on the weekend to August 25 to 27, 2017, it was with great joy and thanks to God, that the Orang Asli ministry of the LCM was recognised as a ‘District’ of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia.

In recognition of the partnership in the gospel, shared by the LCA with the LCM, I was invited to present a candle to the re-elected Bishop of the LCM, Rev Aaron Yap. This candle, a smaller version of the LCA’s unity candle, will be used in the combined Prayer Service with leaders and members of the Roman Catholic Church on 28 October 2017, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

We give thanks to God for you and for your partnership in the gospel, shared with the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and LCA International Mission.

Many of our partner churches are working in new territory for the kingdom of God; therefore, spiritual attack is their everyday reality. As a member of a congregation, school, or family, or a couple or individual, you are invited to commit to praying for our partners in mission. For regular prayer point updates, go to

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