Partners in sharing Jesus’ love

The sense of evil and fear is hair-raisingly palpable as a spirit doctor approaches, uttering threats to villagers in northern Thailand’s mountainous Nan province.

Spirit doctors have long reigned over the marginalised and impoverished Lua people with fear, demanding sacrifices and rituals to appease the spirits.

But you are helping to change the lives of the Lua people.

You are helping them to know Jesus as their Saviour and to be freed from fear through your partnership with LCA International Mission.

Nyman was a spirit doctor who brought dread to his village. But today, as he sits on a cement floor with his grandchild, Nyman shares a new story. He’s now a baptised Lutheran Christian. He meets regularly in a small church with other believers and Lua Lutheran evangelist Pim.

Through the proclamation of the gospel, people’s lives are being transformed. They are learning of the love and peace of Christ and being set free from darkness and fear. Today there are more than 1,200 baptised Lutheran Christians living in the Nan province.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, and in partnership with people in Lutheran churches, you are privileged to bring the life-changing good news of Jesus to Nyman and the others in our near-neighbouring countries in South-East Asia and the Pacific region.

Through LCA International Mission, you are following our Lord in his mission to make disciples of all nations and enabling Jesus’ love to come to life in the lives of many people as you Pray, Give, Connect and Go.

Many of our partner churches are working in new territory for the kingdom of God; therefore, spiritual attack is their everyday reality. As a member of a congregation, school, or family, or a couple or individual, you are invited to commit to praying for our partners in mission. For regular prayer point updates, go to

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