Nepal floods

Many of you may have read of the recent floods that have struck Nepal.

Reverend Joseph Soren, a leader in the Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church and a scholarship holder in Australia last year, has emailed regarding the sad news that Nepal has been facing a severe natural disaster due to continued heavy rains last week on the 11th and 12th of August.

More than 27 districts of Nepal have been badly affected by the flood. Thousands of people’s houses have collapsed leaving them homeless and displaced. Planted paddy fields have been destroyed by the flood water. The children and old people are badly affected. Many people have died and many are still missing in the flood.

Joseph writes …

“Electricity, phone networks and internet connections are disturbed in the affected districts and people are out of contact for many days.  Roads are damaged and blocked. Air services are disturbed and airports are closed.

People say, this is the biggest flood to ever happened in Nepal.

Now the water is decreasing. People want to go back to their houses but the houses and the surroundings are not in living condition. The situation is critical.

Please, pray for the affected people and for the situation.”

The LCA through International Mission has sent a gift of $3,000AUD to support the NLC in this ministry to support the people whose lives have been affected by this devastation.