Young Leaders

As churches, when we work together in partnership, we use and develop each other’s God given gifts and great things happen!

In 2017, Grow Ministries and LCA International Mission worked together to train 9 young church leaders from the Lutheran Church of Australia, 2 young leaders from the Lutheran Church in Cambodia and 2 from the Indonesia churches of HKBP and GKPS.

It was a way of recognising young people in our churches, walking beside them and further developing their leadership skills. They showed us how God teaches us much about dreams, visions, enthusiasm and hope through our young people.

The program ran for a year and participants met in various churches across Asia to experience ways in which Jesus’ love is shared in our churches and to our communities across Asia.

Worthwhile? Take a moment to reflect on quotes from the young Cambodians, Sophouen and Sreyleak and Indonesians, Delmi and Eprista.

“I also urge my community to help others because everything we have now [is] not just ours but theirs too

[I] want to see our youth have [a] very strong faith in Christ

“When I met my mentor it seem[ed] like I am getting another battery to continue to serve in our community for [the] next step”

“End of this year we have 20 youth and adult baptisms so I just want to see them become leaders in our church”

“They teach me that even though I am young but I need to lead the people to God[s] will”

“If God say go just go, if God say do it just do it because He [is] always with us

“As a good leader we cannot work alone, we need to work together and support each other as the body of Christ”

“I can overcome [problems] with prayer and surrender to God because [the] church is His. So I get calm in my heart”

Many of our partner churches are working in new territory for the kingdom of God; therefore, spiritual attack is their everyday reality. As a member of a congregation, school, or family, or a couple or individual, you are invited to commit to praying for our partners in mission. For regular prayer point updates, go to

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