Smiles for a new life

When Bory first came from her home in Batambong Province to study in Phnom Penh, she was so homesick she’d cry with sadness, alone in her room. It was a huge step to leave family and friends behind in the Cambodian countryside, and come to the city to study Law at the University of Cambodia. She kept to herself, and hardly ever spoke with the other students at the hostel.

Yet, because of support from people like you, Bory’s life was about to change forever.

Bory was blessed to live at the Lutheran family’s Rainbow Hostel in Phnom Penh. More than 60 students live here, where daily they experience the love and care of Hostel Pastor Khit Vibol and his wife Sokry.

Through this quiet ministry, Bory came to know of the love and acceptance Jesus has for her.

‘The year 2012 was a good year and the start of a new life for me! The best part of the year was that I was born into Jesus’ family in Cambodia. I was so surprised! With Jesus in my life, I am now more prepared to face life and challenges ahead – be it good or bad.’

Bory became one of God’s children through baptism on 1 January 2012. Other students from the Lutheran Church in Cambodia’s Rainbow Hostel and people from the village of Phum Krus in Kampong Chhnang were also baptised at the same time.

Bory says: ‘For me, the Rainbow Hostel is now my second home. I love it! Through this hostel, I have a place to stay and study in Phnom Penh city. It had also helped me to know God, to live together with others, to learn to communicate and to share my life. Before this, I was always feeling lonely and did not like to talk to others. My life was dark and I kept to myself a lot. Books were my only close friends and I thought that no one loved me.

After I had accepted Jesus into my life, I have been praying earnestly to Him to change my life, to provide for me and to give me happiness. I prayed and read the Bible diligently, paying close attention to what it says.

One night (15 December 2011) after praying I had a dream. I found myself in a beautiful place where there were mountains, clear water, colourful flowers, birds, animals and a lot of green trees. I loved everything in that place and found myself flying happily, enjoying the fragrance of the flowers and green. Oh Lord, I felt so happy and free! That dream had somehow strengthened my faith in the Lord Jesus and I found my life changing.

Before I did not like to help others nor did I care about them, not even my mother! But now, I want to share and help others as much as I can. I want to share my love with others and to encourage those who are the way I used to be.

I thank God for changing my life, I am much happier and feeling more confident too. I made a promise to God that I will continue to be a good child, good student, good Christian and good citizen! No matter how many mistakes I had made in the past, I know I can now start anew in this new life because of Jesus.

I am thankful to God and all who had started the Lutheran World Mission City Church and Rainbow Hostel because I have met God and He had changed my life!’

After experiencing the goodness of God in her life, Bory regularly and willingly shares her faith during worship and with the people in the wider community. She not only smiles, she glows with new joy that comes from within.

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