I now know Jesus’ love

Visit the café at Bethany Home, Malaysia, and you will be welcomed by the radiating smiles of the young people who serve there and by their teacher, Rajesh.

Rajesh began work at Bethany Home sixteen years ago. At that time, she did not know anything about working with young people who have disabilities, but needed an income to support her family.

Rajesh has learnt much in those sixteen years. She has learnt the importance of Bethany Home’s mission to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families, giving them value and purpose. She has learnt patience, acceptance, compassion and endurance as she guides and teaches the young people in her care. She has learnt the joy of being a part of the Bethany Home family where the focus is on ability, not disability.

Bethany Home is also where Rajesh met Jesus Christ. Rajesh was married into Hinduism earlier on in her life but, after she started working at Bethany Home, Rajesh was required to join with the other staff in daily Bible sharing and devotions. It was during one of these devotional times that she learnt a song with the words ‘Thank you Jesus for your love for me’. The singing of this song and the eagerness of Rajesh’s fellow colleague and friend to pray for her when she was troubled, touched her heart. She now continues to meet Jesus Christ through her family in Bethany Home as together, they bring the joy that only Christ can give, into each other’s lives.

Rajesh not only works with the students but has nine young people living with her in her home, five of whom have no family and the others who would be required to travel far from their home, to attend Bethany Home, if it wasn’t for the hospitality of Rajesh.

Like the other staff and volunteers at Bethany Home, Rajesh is dedicated to her role. Her love of the young people is evident in the way she facilitates opportunities for them to grow, supporting and encouraging them as they serve in the café.

The Lutheran Women of Australia support Bethany Home through prayer and finance. God is using their gifts of love so that staff and volunteers like Rajesh are able to serve his children at Bethany Home.

If you would like to consider the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in mission, serving in practical ways, teaching English, teaching in the seminaries and institutions of our partner churches, or in local churches, you are invited to phone Nevin on (08) 8267 7300 or email nevin.nitschke@lca.org.au. For more information, go to http://www.lcamission.org.au/join-gods-mission/volunteer/

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