Gospel partnerships bring peace

Did you know that by supporting LCA International Mission you sponsor a team of evangelists in the Thailand province of Nan as they share the gospel with the Lua people there?

Through your prayers and donations, you and St Paul’s Lutheran Church Wellington, in New Zealand – which is a congregational partner in this mission – are helping the evangelists to bring love to life in the local villages.

Led by Pastor Amnuay, each of the evangelist is responsible for several local village churches. They have seen the church in Nan continue to grow, as people are freed from fear and the control of spirit doctors and helped to find peace living in the grace and love of God.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Thailand (ELCT) started the Nan church in 2002 and today 1200 members have come to know Jesus and his saving power.

Each of the nine evangelists have special stories of their own life-changing experiences. Phim and Dao came to know Jesus through Pastor Amnuay. Chai became a Christian through a brother, while for Nang, it was through her parent’s conversion, Khun’s life was changed through the peace and love she saw in a family displaying a picture of Jesus in their house, while Christ became Lord for Bang through the words of a preacher. Minh became a Christian 17 years ago. His village had a problem with evil spirits and the people lived in fear, searching for a solution through the spirit doctor. While he worked in the fields, his Christian friends talked about Jesus. He thought about their words for a long time and then decided to learn and meditate on the Bible. Minh now loves Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

The evangelists lead church services, preach the gospel, visit members, work with their communities on church farming and agricultural projects, help build churches and love leading Christmas celebrations!

How has God blessed their work? Their answers include, “I had no self-confidence but now feel Jesus is always with me”. “My life is full of hope with Jesus”. “Blessings from God come every day”. “I’m no longer afraid as I was before”.

You help fund their ministry. They ask you to pray for their families, for good health, for the conversion of loved ones who aren’t yet Christians, for them to accomplish God’s work, and for the people in their preaching places.

Your support, prayers and partnership matter. Many more people in Nan are experiencing peace after a torrid battle with the spirit powers. As partners, not only do we share their joy in Jesus, we can learn much from their war and apply it to the battles we face.

If you, your school or your congregation, would like to know how you can connect to the mission of God through a LCA International Mission partnership, you are invited to phone Erin on (08) 8267 7300 or email erin.kerber@lca.org.au. For more information, go to www.lcamission.org.au/join-gods-mission/start-a-partnership/

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