God’s real miracle

I’m Rina Tobing, a 12th grade student who attends HKBP P.Siantar High School.

Life is not as easy as we think, and it is not as difficult as we feel. It has lots of twists and turns we never planned.

I have always believe in Jesus. He is the light of my path and his word is a lamp for my life.

I have a daddy who is extraordinary. The best angel God gave me. I also have a sister and brother. Nothing can replace dad in our lives. He has raised us alone for more than 13 years.

My parents divorced on my fifth birthday. I will never forget.  My mum, in anger, threw glass at my father. He dodged but my hand was scratched by the glass fragments. The scar still exists. From the moment I blew out the candle number 5, I did not see my mum again. I did’t cry, because mum had previously left us and returned. That day was different. Mum left me on 2nd February 2007 at 14:08 pm, and never returned. Dad taught us to love our mum and not hate her. I ask dad why he is not looking for my mother’s replacement but he says he only wants to raise his children. According to him, you only marry and die once. Mum did not know how great my dad’s sacrifice was.

Dad painted when he had a job. The work was seasonal and in the afternoons he did the washing, sweeping, mopping, ironing, and cooking alone. Jesus gave him good health so he could raise his children. The life we faced was full of painful obstacles. In Elementary school I would see my friends given pocket money and enjoy kisses and hugs from their mums. I would cry and ask God why I didn’t have a mum? I was chided and insulted at school. They said I was ugly, poor, stupid and unlucky. It made me fall into sadness. I might not have been able to face all this without Jesus. I didn’t want to trouble dad with my sadness but I found the closer I got to God, the more I felt his love. Praying and trying.. that’s the motto of my life.

The older I get the more I understand my dad’s sadness and the more I try to help my dad’s future get better. I help with the house work and with dad’s search for money as I know it’s difficult for him to provide for his children. I would teach small children near my house or draw sketches to get money. I tried hard at school to be ranked first in my year level as this meant some of your tuition was paid for by the school. I wanted to reduce the burden on my dad’s mind.

We are often hungry. Sometimes when there was little food available, I’d tell my dad I’d eaten at school. Often at night there was only rice and no side dishes. I’d tell dad the food was delicious because God has blessed the food we eat. My dad smiled at my words, he knew I was lying. I try to be grateful and teach my siblings to be grateful. Because I endured hunger, I was often sick.

When dad heard that I would try to get a scholarship to attend Udayana University in Bali, one of the best universities in Indonesia, he shed tears of joy. “Reach for your dreams while you still can and it is because of your intelligence and faith in God that you have got so far” Dad says.

One of my desires after I succeed is to help my siblings finish their schooling. I want to open an orphanage for children and give them a decent life so they become successful people. I also want to go to other countries like Australia.

Sometimes I smile so I don’t show my sadness, because I know only Jesus can comfort me. I’m thankful to my family, teachers and friends who support me.

When my teacher Mam Ellyda told me that our school has a partnership with a Unity College in Australia, I prayed to God that I can visit it. I hope there is a chance for me to visit soon. I surrender everything to God, because I know he will always guide me.

If you would like to consider the opportunity to support Rina, you are invited to contact Unity College, Murraylands on 08 8532 0100.

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