True beauty is joy of Jesus

The Cameron Highlands in Central Malaysia are breathtakingly beautiful. Untouched jungles border manicured tea plantations, monkeys frolic on the side of the road, and tourists stop for ‘selfies’ in front of stunning waterfalls. Every turned corner presents a view more beautiful than the last.

But, on a recent visit there with Program Officer Erin Kerber, the most beautiful thing we saw was not the scenery. It was the mission work with the indigenous Orang Asli people, which you support through LCA International Mission.

In the village of Sungai Tidong, I had the privilege of sitting with Rosman and hearing about his life, including that he was baptised by Lutheran Church in Malaysia Bishop Aaron Yap – who was with us – a few years earlier. Rosman’s radiant smile reflected his joy as a Christian and Erin commented that you could see Jesus in his face.

Rosman was raised with the traditional religion of his ancestors. Life was governed by the need to appease the spirits and every misfortune prompted more religious obligations to secure a happier life.

He faced near-death situations four times. Twice falling from trees and being badly injured, once falling from a house he was building and becoming entangled in wiring, and once coming close to drowning while fishing. When Rosman reflected on these incidents, he became convinced that his life had not been preserved by accident. And, with his wife being one of the first Christians in the area, he realised he had been saved so that he could come to know Jesus.

As Rosman retold these stories, he was so excited that we had to ask him to slow down so that his words could be translated and shared. He recalled how demon-possessed people in his village had been liberated through prayer in Jesus’ name. And our brother in the Lord shared about the freedom he enjoys as a Christian.

Even as a believer, Rosman faces the dangers of life in the jungle and the struggle for survival without a regular income. But as a Christian, Rosman now can face each day with hope, because of his faith in God’s promises, secured in the blood of Jesus. Rosman’s joy in the Lord was truly the most beautiful thing we saw that day!

This story was also published in the December 2019 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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