God’s healing Spirit at work

In the small village of Huai Pong, nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, Khun Pim shares the story of her love for Jesus.

‘I became Christian 18 years ago’, Pim says. ‘I was a very shy person but I received the teaching to be a leader at church and am very happy to be part of the team who share the gospel in my community.

‘When I became an evangelist, I could compare a Christian’s life and the life of a non-believer who believes in and fears many kinds of spirits. I know well about believing in these nonsense things.’

Pim is one of eight local evangelists who serve their local communities by living and sharing the gospel.

‘Jesus Christ is a healer, a mighty God! He has authority and he has love. When we go to service at church, we don’t need to bring an expensive sacrifice. God’s grace is free for everyone who seeks for him.’

Pim often talks about Jesus with the people she meets.

‘Two years ago I talked with a spirit doctor at Ban Huai Pong. He said that he is able to do everything … but he cannot forgive his sin himself.

‘One day, he had a grandchild who had a sickness. He tried to do his best to heal his own grandchild, but he was not able to. He called other spirit doctor friends to help him, but after trying many things they gave up.

‘He asked me to pray for his grandchild who by that time was in a coma. I went there several times to pray for him and his grandchild was healed. The spirit doctor became a Christian and was baptised. He asked me to put a cross in his house. The children also want to receive baptism but their mother forbids them.’

Pim asks us to pray for people who want to be a Christian but whose family won’t allow them to be.

‘My husband is someone who God placed in my life for a reason. He is very calm and he gives me good advice’, she says. ‘When the evangelists work far from the village, he helps me with our work at home and in taking care of our daughter.

‘I have a friend who shares everything with me. I am so sad when she has a problem and spends her money for nothing at the spirit doctors. I prayed for her for a long time. Jesus answered my prayer and she was baptised last Easter.’

Pim’s trust in Jesus and love for her community has seen God’s Spirit change lives.

This story was also published in the August 2019 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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