Flexible study option for Augustin

Augustin Muthusami is proof that distance is no barrier to studying with Australian Lutheran College (ALC). He is an ordained pastor of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia – a seven-and-a-half hour flight away from ALC’s North Adelaide campus – pursuing doctoral research studies through ALC.

‘I have been a pastor for about 27 years now’, he says. ‘As I have served in the ministry, I have found that I have an affinity for teaching and that has become my passion. I have been training the lay in theology and preaching for many years, and since obtaining my Masters in Theology, I have been teaching in the seminary. Currently, I am serving as communications officer for the Lutheran Church in Malaysia. I also head the Lay Education Ministry and am involved in many other things.

‘Studying for me is part-time – from whatever time I can find from my other duties! I have enjoyed learning how differently Lutheran identities are constructed in different parts of the world, and how so many factors, including culture and history, play a part.

‘It is my hope that I will be able to gain a more vibrant understanding on how my brothers and sisters in Malaysia can see themselves as being Lutheran and how this will affect our role and life in Malaysian society.’

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