Bow’s story

Home of Grace is a safe place for pregnant women who are in difficult situations. It is a service of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand. All the women who come to Home of Grace have a story to tell about how they came to be there. This is Bow’s story.


Bow is 23 years old. She grew up in the countryside, the eldest of four siblings. Bow’s father died when she was four years old. By the time she was 20, Bow was married with a baby boy but the marriage was abusive. While Bow was able to leave, her son remained with her ex-husband and his family.

Initially, Bow was able to provide for herself by selling food at a local market. But when her mother had a stroke, the earnings from the market were not enough to pay the hospital bills. Bow borrowed money to pay for her mother’s treatment, taking on a huge debt. As she struggled to repay the money, she was invited to go to the south of Thailand where she could work in a bar, with the promise of a lot of money. She made the move but within a short time Bow had become pregnant, so lost her job. She did not know who the father of the baby was, therefore was without any support.

At this time, Bow heard about Home of Grace, so she made contact, to ask for a place to stay. Her plan was to stay until she gave birth, when her baby could then be given away for adoption. But during her stay at Home of Grace, Bow began to change her mind and when her beautiful baby daughter was born, it was impossible for Bow to give her away.

Home of Grace helped Bow make contact with the Tamar Centre. The Tamar Centre aims to provide practical help and hope for girls and women wanting to leave the bars of the red-light districts. Its work of education and vocational training is based on Biblical principles, seeking to provide healing through love in action. The Tamar Centre were happy to welcome Bow and her baby girl, offering a way to start a new life.

Jesus—the God who is love, in the flesh—told His disciples, “You did not choose me, but I chose you that you should go and bear fruit” (John 15:16a). Chosen, loved and cleansed in Jesus’ blood, the staff and volunteers at Home of Grace now bear the fruit of love that reflects the love of Christ Jesus to those women whom they meet. They have been telling Bow about the God who chose her to be His own, not because of she is, but because of who He is. Please keep Bow in your prayers. During her stay in Home of Grace, Bow has shown an interest in the Christian faith, and is today attending baptism lessons.

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