Work around the clock

We are used to thinking that there is always someone working and ready to help or look after us in important places like hospitals, big factories, hotels and some shops. These places are very important to us in our daily life and we might need their service any time of the day.

Home of Grace is also open 24 hours a day. The place is open to women who have faced unwanted pregnancy. Women are given counselling and support to plan their future by all the workers at any time throughout the day. Women are allowed to come and stay already before delivery. They are given help in preparing for delivery. When the time comes the one-in-duty takes the mother-to-be in to the hospital. Afterwards mothers are given advice how to take care of their babies.

The staff of Home of Grace consists of four people: Mrs Lek (Chanarat), Mrs Nok (Monthakaan), Ms Sriphai and Mrs Anja.

A young mother named Nang stayed at Home of Grace last year. Nang is a funny and very helpful 16-year old girl, who lived at Home of Grace for about four months.

When Nang realised her pregnancy in the second month, she felt devastated. She was still so young, and, of course, unmarried. Being afraid of telling anybody she kept her pregnancy as a secret and told her boyfriend even later. Knowing about the situation, her boyfriend invited her to live with him and his family, but she rejected. Why? He is older than her and she would therefore probably have to become one of his parents’ household servants.

Nang’s mother wanted her to get an abortion, but she did not agree. Nang wanted the baby to disappear but felt unable to do anything. She remembers that during that time she often dreamed that her pregnancy was unreal and she would wake up without having any problems. She smiles about this simple wish now. She has realised a long time ago, that life is not like dreams. So, her mother told her to leave the house. Then Nang called to a helpline. They gave the telephone number of Home of Grace.

During the first days at Home of Grace, Nang was very anxious and shy, because she did not know anyone. Little by little she made some new friends and was quite satisfied with the situation. After delivery she was able to go back to her family. Her mother requires her to continue her studies but she is not eager to study any more. Now she only wants to stay at home and take care of her baby under the advice of her mother.

When asked about her future she remains quiet for some seconds, and then answers: ‘Maybe some day in the very far future, I could imagine having a family with a husband and more children, but at the moment I am not thinking about it,’ she says. This is very understandable. She is still young and first she has to take care of the child and get along with her new situation as a mother. That is what Home of Grace is for.

There is probably nobody in this world who has never made any mistakes giving troubled women a safe shelter, mental support, love, care, forgiveness and new opportunities that can mean not only giving them new life but also new life for their babies.

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