Women supporting women

Let me introduce you to Jane … More than 40 years ago, Jane and I were youthful colleagues, teaching together in the remote, eastern highlands province in Papua New Guinea at the Tarabo Meri Wok Trening (Women’s Work Training) school for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG). Much has changed for both of us since those times and much has changed in Papua New Guinea (PNG) over those years.

The ELCPNG currently operates four Meri Wok Trening schools in different regions of the country.

The life and conditions for many of the staff in the Meri Wok Trening schools continues to be difficult. The teachers receive little or no salary for their tireless work in sharing the faith and in preparing other young women for the life of faith and service in their villages and beyond in many remote areas in PNG.

The Meri Wok Trening schools are vital resources for the Lutheran Church in PNG, as they are used by God to strengthen the ministry and mission of its women in many spheres of life. For many decades young women have spent two years of their life at these Meri Wok Trening schools studying practical theology, and life skills, which they in turn take back to share with the people, particularly the women in their own or near-neighbouring villages and communities as part of ELCPNG’s inspiring ministry to women.

For many of these women (staff and teachers), life and conditions continue to remain harsh and difficult, particularly for those returning to the remote, rural areas.

Today at the Lutheran Church headquarters in Lae, cardboard boxes are piled metres high in the small project office. These boxes are filled with treasure. The books contained in these boxes are the newly printed and published curriculum for the Meri Wok Trening schools of ELCPNG. They are the culmination of many years of planning and writing, and are destined to be resources that will impact the life of women throughout Papua New Guinea (PNG) for many years to come.

The new curriculum which will be used in the Meri Wok Trening schools will be used by God to strengthen the faith and life of many women and their families.

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