Women sharing Jesus’ love

From remote rural villages where routines revolve around tending gardens and carrying heavy bilums filled with sweet potatoes, firewood and children, to university lecture theatres, hospitals, offices and stores – the lives, roles and responsibilities of Papua New Guinean women are diverse and challenging. The practical needs of the women in these vastly different contexts vary greatly from region to region, from city to village, from coast to highlands.

As is the case in many countries, the women in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) continue to have a huge part in building their nation and the church. Their strength of character and the faith of these many women has been used by God to pass on the faith in families for many generations, from the time that the first missionary came to their country in 1886 up until now. Today the Lutheran Church in PNG has grown to over 1.2 million believers. God’s amazing miracle!

The women’s ministry (Meri Wok) within the ELCPNG is a dynamic part of this large church. Women regularly gather for training in practical skills, Bible study, prayer, and for practical service.
In order to support the women who are called to serve as ‘Wok Meri’ (women’s ministry workers) the ELCPNG has established give Wok Meri training schools in different areas of PNG to teach the skills required for this very practical and spiritual ministry.

The teachers of these Wok Meri training schools live sacrificial lives – often receiving no pay for their teaching service and being required to provide their own food and pay for their own accommodation and daily needs.

Once students have graduated from the Meri Wok training schools, many return to their villages or are sent to other villages to pass on the faith and their knowledge to the women in their care…And so the cycle of faith continues, as women – young and older are built up in their faith and pass this on to their family members, work colleagues and congregation members.

The Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) have committed to standing together with their sisters in faith in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG, as they support the Wok Meri Training schools of ELCPNG. Their gift of love has eternal, life-changing consequences. Their gifts enable other women to come to an active and saving faith in Jesus Christ, through this women’s ministry in PNG. We thank the LWA that they share Jesus’ love in such a powerful way.

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