We learn together

The aim of the scholarship program is to build capacity within our partner churches, enabling them to strengthen their Lutheran theology in their churches and seminaries. While being a small church, the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) has a well established and respected seminary with a well-resourced library well resourced in Lutheran theological material. This is a valuable asset to our partner churches across Asia.

The scholarship program has several arms. We help fund the training of overseas pastors and leaders to:

  1. attend short courses based around Lutheran theology at Australian Lutheran College (ALC) (Andrew Thinagaran, Singapore, 2018)
  2. undertake 2 month sabbatical studies using the ALC library as their study resource (Jontor Situmorang, Indonesia, 2018)
  3. provide mentoring and support through the Reconciliation Ministry program offered by Pastor Paul Kerber. This is rich in Lutheran theology and Biblical reconciliation practices and valued highly by those who take part (Fotani Ziliwu and Dr Pahala Simanjuntak, Indonesia, 2018)
  4. provide support for completion of Masters and Doctorate studies through ALC (Emmanuel Yalamu, Papua New Guinea, 2018)
  5. enable individuals to study in overseas seminaries by providing needed funds to assist with covering the cost of their study
    (Augustin Muthusami, Malaysia, 2018. Andry Alang, Malaysia, since 2014)

Over the years the scholarship program has helped train leaders and future Bishops. It has, and continues to, make a difference in our partner churches. By the students’ presence in our church they have, and continue to, make a difference in the LCA. Our church is much richer in its understanding of God’s church in mission through the scholarship students as they interact with our students and congregations. Their stories encourage us and help us to see God at work in our near neighbouring countries. We learn and share as they learn and share.

Like all partnerships, the blessings flow both ways.

We thank you for your continued support of the scholarship program and your partnership in proclaiming the gospel.

If you would like to know more about opportunities to personally support a scholarship recipient in your congregation during their stay in Australia, or ways in which you can financially and prayerfully support LCA International Mission’s scholarship program, you are invited to phone Nevin on (08) 8267 7300 or email nevin.nitschke@lca.org.au

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