Volunteering at Rumah Agape Kundasang

It’s 7am as I wake to the sound of children down below. I’m at “Rumah Agape Kundasang” school, located on one of the many mountain slopes here at Kundasang in Sabah, Malaysia. Through my bedroom window is a stunning view of Mt Kinabalu (when it is not completely covered in cloud). School doesn’t start until 8am but these children are here bright and early chatting away and playing while they wait for the school day to begin.

After my morning coffee and toast I head downstairs and see a few young kindergarten children already seated at tables, patiently waiting, school bags still on their backs.

My hosts are Pastor Alin and her husband Eddie who run “Rumah Agape Kundasang” church and school. Their son and niece teach in the school along with three other teachers from Indonesia. There are over 70 migrant children at the school who have come to Sabah with their parents from Indonesia. They are “undocumented” and so not able to attend local Malaysian schools. Their parents farm the land and sell their produce to local markets or it is taken down the hill to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.

I am quickly put to work, teaching each of the classes some basic English phrases and vocabulary. Thankfully there are some basic resources available and so I’m able to put together some interesting activities for the classes.

Later we all stop for morning tea and I get to try “Goreng Pisang” which is deep fried Malaysian banana. It goes well with my morning coffee and I try to stop myself at three of them! The food is sold cheaply to the children and the money goes towards the cost of running the school.

At around midday the school day ends and the noise and chatter slowly fades as the children all head back to their homes for the remainder of the day.

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