Two Nations United

Through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, 13 women (including myself) from the St Johns Lutheran Church, Goroka, Papua New Guinea, went on an outreach journey to South Australia’s Golden Grove Lutheran Church and Primary School in November, 2008.

Three from our group had been to Australia before. For the rest, it was their first encounter and they came across many cultural changes, such as flying in the big Air Nuigini Jet, getting up and down the escalators, and hopping on the airport train. They were all new experiences.

In Adelaide we had a lot of surprises. Each day was organised by generous people. We experienced the boat ride to see the dolphins, a visit to the Adelaide Zoo, a ride out to the beautiful Barossa Valley to see the green vineyards and wineries. It was really amazing. And not to forget Adelaide’s skyscrapers. They were magnificent.

We also worshipped and prayed with the Golden Grove Lutheran community.

Why am I writing this? In September 2009 we welcomed visitors from Adelaide to Goroka. These were the generous people who received us warmly one year earlier and looked after us with very good hospitality when we were in Adelaide.  The group from Golden Grove Lutheran Fellowship and school came to Goroka to work with the Asoraka Secondary and Primary School.

I want to acknowledge these special people. They are Rev Len Tscharke and his wife Claire, their two sons Terry and Ken; Graeme, Rosalie and Skye Hoklas (who looked after SixPenny and myself); Daryl Trigg, Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School principal (who let us have coffee and biscuits in the staff room); and Judith Whaites, who took care of PNG Judith, Riu and Dorothy.

For those families who looked after us during our stay in Adelaide, but didn’t make it to Goroka, we still think of you.

For those who came, we hope you enjoyed your stay and the diverse culture of PNG.

Thank you.

This story was also published in the April 2010 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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