Sharing the message of Jesus Christ

High in the mountains, close to the Thai/Laos border in Northern Thailand, on the thatched floor of their one roomed house, sit Boon, his wife Chum, their daughters and granddaughter, together with Lua evangelist Neng.

72-year-old Boon has been the village witch doctor for 22 years. The people in this Lua village, came to Boon when they were sick, when they wanted to plant their rice and when they needed advice about various issues.

At night in the darkness, Boon would hear the voices of Buddhist spirits outside his house. They would wake him up and he would connect with other spirits who would speak to him and teach him.

People feared Boon. They would give him gifts to appease the spirits. He had power.

Chum, Boon’s wife, and daughters became followers of Jesus some years ago and were baptised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand in the Nan province.

Evangelist Neng has been sharing the message of Jesus Christ in the village, through her weekly preaching and through practical acts of love over the years.

In June 2018, Boon too was baptised in the Lutheran church. Boon’s life has changed dramatically. He has come from absolute fear and darkness into the light and love of Jesus. He has found faith and freedom.

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