Providing Opportunities for Global Connections

Victory has established a sister-school relationship with a senior Lutheran school – SMA Swasta Kristen BNKP in Gunungsitoli on the island of Nias in Indonesia. The SMA School has about 100 students who are taught in both Indonesian and English. This global connection allows our students to use their language skills and develop a broader understanding of cultures and custom beyond their local community.

Earlier this year, we were truly blessed to share our College community with three guests, teacher Mr Amisari Ziliwu and two students Chantika and Siprianius, from our sister school. They were involved throughout the College during their visit in a range of ways, both in and out of class. It was a great benefit to our Indonesian program as Mr Ziliwu, Chantika and Siprianius supported some of our classes and gave our students the opportunity to practice their language skills. It is a true credit to our guests as while they were strangers when they first arrived, they certainly aren’t anymore.

As a school that utilises the Australian Curriculum, a visit such as this provides the opportunity to embed international school partnership activities across all learning areas and year levels and provides unique learning opportunities to connect students, teachers and school communities internationally. Providing opportunities for students to make global connections with peers works towards developing the twenty-first century capabilities required to be active and confident global citizens.

Recently, I returned to Nias on our 2018 Indonesian Language and Cultural Immersion Tour with two other staff and a small group of Year 10 and 11 students. This was an exciting opportunity to further enhance our sister school connection. We were blessed by the experience with everyone coming away saying “Omasido Tano Niha” – I love Nias.

I look forward to our sister school partnership with SMA Swasta Kristen BNKP in Gunungsitoli growing over the coming years and see a great opportunity to share an amazing learning experience for both school communities.

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