Prayer has power to save

Gem and Tui live in northern Thailand, in the village of Ban Huay Pong. Married for 27 years, they are softly spoken and can be found spending their days in their garden and with their neighbours.

People believed Tui had a powerful spirit. People living in the village believed that if they planted rice fields, they needed to get Tui to bless their crops so that the spirit would be stable for planting. If the people wanted to go fishing, they would ask Tui to bless the water first so that they would catch many fish. Those who believe in the doctor spirit do not believe in God.

But 15 years ago, Gem became a Christian. She was afraid to tell her husband about her faith, so she would walk to another village every week to worship. As Gem continued to learn about God and his love, she realised that he wants everyone to delight in him and rest in his providence.

Gem began to live in the hope of her salvation and wished the same for her husband. Evangelists came into their village and told Tui about the freeing love of Jesus and yet Gem continued to watch her husband be bound by evil.

For 10 years Tui resisted God. And each day of those 10 years, Gem prayed for the husband she loves and who she knows is even more completely loved by his Heavenly Father.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Gem cared for her husband, who often filled their house with drunkards and people speaking profanities about the God she worshipped. This was not an easy time for Gem and yet she believed God would be faithful, just as he had been throughout the Bible.

As Gem prayed for Tui, God was at work. After 10 years, Tui stopped resisting the grace that only God could give him. In her perseverance, Gem was a great example for her husband. She told Tui that she had already known they both were beloved children of God for those 10 years. She did not give up trusting that Tui would come to know this himself and, since his baptism five years ago, he joins Gem each week at worship.

Gem continues to pray that her family, friends and others in the village will know the peace of Jesus in their hearts. Gem believes nothing is impossible for God. He is faithful and he is calling us to not give up.

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