PNG gives thanks for Greg Schiller

It was indeed a thanks giving service. The seminary community with some partners from the surrounding Community’s and guests celebrated God’s goodness and faithfulness upon a life committed to the proclamation of the gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ and the strengthening of Christian faith and the development of the Lutheran church in PNG.

The service was held together with Holy Communion and baptism. Some of the students were dressed in their traditional outfit and welcomed the teachers, Rev. Greg Schaller, visitors and families who came to wittiness this occasion and baptism with kundu drums, dancing and singing.

The highlight of the thanks giving service was the message delivered by Rev. Greg Schiller. Towards the end of his message he stretched out the Luther Rose flag and summarized his message by saying that as the cross of Christ is in the center of the Luther Rose we Christians should make Christ the center of our Christian faith and ministry.

This is a challenge to us as Lutherans because many claim to be Christian but only few made Christ Lord of their lives and ministry. For many Christ is not the ultimate they make other things to become the center of their lives.

In our Melanesian context we treat last words as special and are very import words. Therefore we should take that as a warning and to allow Christ to take his rightful place in our lives and ministry.

After the sermon we had thanks giving. Student groups came in church districts to make their thanks giving. Followed by the teachers, seminary ministry groups, visitors and others.

After the thanks giving we had communion and baptism and speeches were made by people. Among them was the newly elected District President Rev. Gigmai Kimbe of East Simbu. He represents the former graduates and the church ELCPNG as a whole and thanked Rev. Greg for his dedication and commitment in training men and women for pastoral and leadership ministry in their congregations circuits and districts of ELCPNG.

The Principal, Rev. Umba Bomai in his speech acknowledged ELCA for allowing Rev. Greg Schiller to come to PNG and making it possible for him to stay with us until to date. He thanked the Australian Lutheran Church for their support and prayers.

After the message Rev. Peandui Kumin and Rev. Jack Bangi (Deputy Principal) prayed and release Rev. Greg back to the ELCA on behalf of the seminary and the Church.

Women leaders of the Battle Lutheran church in town attend the service too. One of their leader also commended missionaries who came to our country and impacted our nation with the gospel. She thank Rev. Greg and other missionaries for their contribution towards the spiritual development of this nation.

Jiwaka district was represented by the good news director but was not able to be at the service so a final year student conveyed his message.

After everything was said and done, Rev Greg Schiller acknowledges the speeches and thanked the visitors and the seminary community for the friendship and time spent together in God’s service. He would really love to continue at Ogelbeng for some time but due to his physical illness he accepted the decision to return early.

It was a sad moment for the whole seminary. The Sunday school ministry and the women’s fellowship presented items and farewell Rev. Greg with songs.

Kids were baptized and communion was served. This was Rev. Greg’s last Sunday service so parents requested for their children’s baptism and communion was also scheduled at the same time.

After the church service we all moved to the principal’s yard and had lunch together.

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