Partnership improves student education

LCA International Mission and Lutheran Education have been working in partnership with Lutheran World Federation assisting Lutheran schools in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The LCA has in the past supported the schools by the provision of buildings, books, computers and other equipment. However, the demand for assistance is so great, that the need cannot be met.

Following a strategic planning session with principals in 2012, the focus has shifted to leadership development and improvements in teacher methodology.

Through a recruitment process led by Lutheran Education Australia, a university lecturer, Dr Ridwin Purba, was appointed to act as the local contact and development officer.

LCA International Mission has supported his professional development by bringing him to Australia for two conferences and has supported his attendance at two international education conferences in Singapore.

Previously, the leadership approach was very hierarchical with principals telling staff what they needed to do. Through a series of workshops, principals have come to appreciate the power of group work, and how a team working collaboratively can solve problems and make improvements to a school.

Schools have learnt that they can make significant changes and not wait for an outside agency to provide resources.

However, vocational schools have seen the power of partnerships with business in their field of training.

Many successful relationships have been established. For example, one vocational school has a partnership with Yamaha.

Workshops sponsored by LCA International Mission have been seen significant changes in classroom practice. The training has made a different to how teachers approach learning and the classroom environment.

Numerous examples can be shown but it is clear that the work being supported by the LLL through LCA International Mission is producing results.

Provision of equipment, books, and the like has an impact for a short time.

Changing what and how teachers and principals work has a lasting impact, and touches the lives of countless students.

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