News from the Home of Praise

Throughout the whole of last year we could feel the love of God through those who supported, encouraged and prayed for us. Thanks be to God for all the activities that brought the children joy and happiness.

Christmas and National Children’s Day
The two day nurseries were anxious that they would not have enough present for the children, yet thankfully nearby communities, visitors, and the children’s guardians contributed to the cause. Many adults are genuinely concerned about these children, even if they are not blood relatives. From their smiling faces we could see the children were very happy to receive gifts, while guardians who participated were delighted to contribute to the Christmas celebration with the Immanuel congregation.

Opportunities for poor children
Both day nurseries are situated in the middle of a slum. Many children do not have anybody to look after them as both parents have to work to support their family. Therefore, various useful activities arranged by the day nurseries are well received. Caring teachers offer opportunities to learn and have new experiences in a safe environment. The children are also given opportunities to improve their linguistic skills and to learn to appreciate music and arts with experienced missionaries and volunteers.

These nurseries also help children from nearby communities by offering services they can join in on, too. For example, afternoon activities at Home of Praise are open to all children, including those of neighbouring communities. As these children grow up and enrol in elementary school, the day nurseries cooperate with the Family Development ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Thailand to grant scholarships to some of them. In some cases this support may extend to university level.

Donation from Hinet Computer System
We were delighted to receive a donation of eight computers from Hinet Computer Sustem Company. The computers were checked for working order and installed by the company for free, and are now ready for the children and the teachers at the Immanuel Day Nursery. This generous donation will enable the children to learn to use computers, search for information, and become comfortable with technology.
We request your prayers for the children enrolled for the school year and the health of both the children and teachers. Thank you for your love, concern and kindness towards the children and teachers at the Immanuel and Home of Praise Day Nurseries.

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