Much more than study

Tears flowed as we prayed and as Denise reflected on her experiences as an LCA International Mission scholarship recipient for the first semester of 2016. Not only had her time in Australia benefited Denise’s church (Lutheran Church in Malaysia), but the scholarship had helped her grow more deeply in her relationship with Jesus. Denise had experienced the hospitality of Australian Lutherans, and God’s provision for all of her needs during these three months away from her husband and two children.

The LCA International Mission scholarship had enabled Denise to study the principles of Lutheran education as she spent time with directors, principals and teachers at various Lutheran Early Learning Centres, schools and kindergartens in South Australia and Queensland.

Nominated by her Bishop, Rev Aaron Yap, and leaders of the LCM for the scholarship, Denise will use what she has learnt in Australia to help the LCM as it seeks to develop a Lutheran curriculum appropriate for Malaysia. The LCM already has kindergartens in some of its congregations in Malaysia, but is keen to unify these places of learning through the development of a Lutheran curriculum.

The desire of the LCM is to eventually establish Lutheran primary schools which will give the members of the LCM an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ through ministry to children and their families.

While Denise spent time studying in the area of Lutheran education, two other scholarship recipients had the opportunity to grow in theological understanding while studying at Australia Lutheran College (ALC).

Reflecting on aspects of his scholarship, Jeffrey Solomon from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia (ELCM) shared, ‘it was also an exhilarating experience of worshipping in both traditional and contemporary services which was very ‘wholesome’. However, I must not forget the unreserved hospitality shown by all the pastors and members in all the churches to explain their respective ministries in their local churches. It was a great joy to be welcomed in their midst.’

Rev Gabriel Sogimo, a lecturer from the Ogelbeng Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG), wrote that his scholarship at ALC was ‘an experience beyond just academic. It was an opportunity to experience Christian faith in the wider perspectives of learning, sharing, caring, and worshipping together in true love and faith.’

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