Making all things new

Making all things new was the aim of the LCA International Mission Team on a trip to Thailand in January this year.

Part of our trip involved going to the Home of Praise, which is a community centre under the highway in the middle of the Klong Toey community in the slums of Bangkok.

The home provides day care for children, aged six months to three years, from underprivileged families.

In the afternoon, after the nursery is closed, the home is used as an activity centre for children in the neighbourhood. Here different activities such as violin, computer, English, art etc. are offered.

The mission team consisted of 16 women and five men, with ages ranging from 15 to 71. Our work there was very hands on – scrubbing, scraping, patching, priming, painting, and rebuilding. There were various levels of experience within those skills.

The results were two rooms given makeovers, a staircase painted, part of a wall replaced, two small windows added, a room relined, unstable stairs and landing dismantled and rebuilt. A mural was repainted as well as a passage and front porch area, fencing and a gate. A new fridge was purchased as well as some new floor coverings and a letterbox.

We were able to serve others as ambassadors of Jesus, sharing experiences as a team, and growing in God’s grace.

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