Love that offers hope

It reads like a classic love story.

It’s a story that is repeated in countries all around the world, in wealthy communities and poor communities, in families that don’t know Jesus and in families in love with Jesus.

Mim is 24 years old and she comes from the beautiful countryside in Thailand. An only child in her family, her father is a military officer and her mother is a nurse. Both her parents know the importance of a good education and the opportunities it offers to a family from the country. New opportunities are possible but for country people that means applying yourself and using education as a way to open doors. A hope and a dream for many families in Thailand.

Mim was sent to study at a famous university in Bangkok. A university, given the right circumstances and dedication, would offer Mim a future and would offer her parents joy.

In this university, Mim met a senior boy who was supposed to help her with her study. They fell in love but broke up in less than a year.

Right after they broke up, Mim realised she was pregnant. Looking for support and perhaps still a possible future, Mim, in hope, contacted the father-to-be. The father to be would not take responsibility for the baby and with options now decreasing, Mim decided to take care of the baby alone, very much alone.

Mim continued to study as best she could, perhaps trying to ignore reality, perhaps losing hope as guilt and fear grew with the growing child inside her. When she was 8 months pregnant, she took a break in her studies, considered her dwindling options and finally told her mum.

Her mum became very angry as she needed her daughter to get a good education and her hopes and dreams for her only child were fading.

In this culture of shame and guilt and with her hopes now dashed, Mim’s mum found a place for Mim to stay during her last month of the pregnancy. Mim and her mum found Home of Grace.

With support and care from the staff in Home of Grace, Mim found a way forward for herself and her unborn child.

After the birth of her baby, Mim decided to leave her baby in foster care and continue her education. After she graduates and gets a job, her plan is to take care of her child by herself.

Her dream?  ….. that one day her mum will forgive her and take care of the baby until she is finished her studies.

I’m sure you’ve heard this story before, maybe even lived part of this story….

Home of Grace run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand, offers support, love and hope where mostly those three things have disappeared in a young woman’s life. We thank God for the staff of Home of Grace and for the Australian Lutheran women who have volunteered their time at the Home.

Love offers hope.

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