Lamingtons foster cross-cultural friendships

‘What is this cake I have seen in women’s magazines?’ asked one of the visitors from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCM). ‘I have always wanted to try one.’ It was a lamington. So began an intense women-to-women discussion about food and cooking.

Cross-cultural friendships formed around lamingtons are no less important than those forged by church leaders through diplomatic dialogue. With strong partnerships with South-East Asian churches now in place, there are increasing opportunities for people at the grassroots of our churches to meet each other face to face, and thus to rapidly multiply the partnerships in mission already achieved by church leaders.

This was the case when seven women from the ELCM visited Australia in order to learn more about the work of the church. Their visit was sponsored by the LCA and they were hosted by members of Lutheran Women of South Australia (LWSA). Their busy program included listening to presentations by LCA leaders and departmental representatives and being guest speakers at an LWSA zone fellowship day in the Barossa valley. During Sunday worship at Para Vista Lutheran Church, they sang in their own language and spoke about the challenges of being Christians within a Muslim culture.

Glenice Hartwich said, ‘The visit of the ELCM women offered the people of the LCA (and especially the LWSA) the privilege of meeting fellow followers of Jesus, of encouraging and praying with each other and of gaining a greater understanding of each others’ situations and needs. We are so much richer from the experience.’

Glenice says that the LCA is keen to promote these exchange visits (both ways) as a way of growing the mission of God.

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