God’s Spirit dancing in her life

In our Australian society those who believe in Jesus are facing more open opposition and questions about why they believe.

What encourages you to believe God’s promises, embrace His hope and live in His love?

Most Christians around the world face similar challenges and questions. What difference does a belief and trust in Jesus make?

Twenty-one-year old Phan, a student studying accounting at the University of Cambodia, faced similar questions.

The child of Paddy farmers in Kampong Speu province, Phan grew up with traditional values and beliefs held by her people.

“Before, when I heard about Jesus Christ, I did not like Him, because at that time the Word of God did not come to me yet, and the same time I heard that this name ‘Jesus’ was a bad name to me because people said so. I began to hate this name,” she says.

A move to the city of Phnom Penh to study only saw her negative view of Jesus reinforced. But then, while Phan was looking for accommodation, a friend of hers invited Phan to stay at the Phnom Penh church Rainbow hostel.

“I heard the word of God being taught and I began to understand about this Jesus the Saviour,” Phan says.

I wondered why people criticised him about not being good, but in fact, he suffered on the cross because of people’s sins. After hearing and learning that I am a sinner, I began repenting and accepted Jesus as my Saviour to forgive my sin.”

But why change a lifestyle? Why put your hope in someone your community says is ‘not good’?

“After I decided to follow Jesus, I always pray for blessings from him and he always fulfills my purpose’, she says. ‘This caused my faith to become stronger and I believe that he never leaves and forsakes me. He is always here for me. I never feel hopeless like I used to feel the last time. And on the other hand, every time I feel uncomfortable, having too much worry, I always bring it to the Lord.”

Phan was baptised by LCA pastor Mark Schultz in July, 2016. She has more than a story to hold onto. She has God’s Spirit dancing in her life helping her to understand Jesus changes lives!

“I am so thankful to God that He leads me to know Him, and moreover, He saved me from my sins. Thank God,” she says.

What signs of love is God placing on your life? What change is he offering you?

This story was also published in the August 2017 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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