God’s love draws us closer

Srey Lin is a 17-year old student from the Cambodian village of Phum Krus, a small village in which the Lutheran Church in Cambodian has a base. She has a high school scholarship with the church.

When she has time off from school she always comes to the church to help with village preschool classes, Sunday school lessons and cleaning. She joins every Sunday service and helps in preparing and singing the songs for the church services.

But it didn’t start that way. In the beginning Srey Lin just joined the computer classes at the church but didn’t join the Sunday services regularly with her older sister, an intern at the church.

Together with her sister Srey Yeap, church members went to her house for home Bible studies. Soon Srey Lin, her younger sister and mother joined in Sunday services. A year later, and Srey Lin is a loyal scholarship student with a heart for serving her church and God.

When Srey Lin started coming to church for English classes and attending services, she wanted to know more about God. So she prayed. What better place to start than prayer! She prayed for her parents as there was often violence in her home between her mother and father – and she saw a miracle. Her parents began to have a better relationship. Having come from a Buddhist family she had never prayed before. She says, ‘I didn’t have anything inside to know I was able to pray.’

God’s grace draws us closer, and soon Srey Lin was praying for her sick grandmother. Her grandmother regained health.

Recently, in the small Lutheran village church, Srey Lin was baptised, together with her mother.

‘I realised I had a sinful nature and nothing I could do would help me to be saved. Before I was stubborn, not wanting to obey my parents’ advice, and I would often fight with them. But now the words of God teach me how to obey my parents.’

Srey Lin is studying computing with the IT teacher at Phum Krus, and she has plans to do further computing studies in Phnom Penh. She continues to pray. Often she prays for wisdom, and now she feels that it is easier to learn than it used to be.

How does prayer touch your life? Continue to pray and watch God’s grace and love unfold in your life and the lives of those around you.

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