God filled me up again!

I grew up in a non-Christian family but attended a Catholic school where talking about God or Jesus was part of the environment. I recall very strongly that we prayed during assembly every Monday. On one occasion, I was invited to a children’s camp and one memory from that time was imprinted on me and has stayed with me; it is the memory of when I encountered God’s presence during worship. I remember, during that moment, of saying ‘yes’ to Christ. But I was very young and my parents strictly forbade the idea; I had to forget about it and, gradually, the desire decreased.

Throughout my teenage years, I occasionally got invitations to join church activities but I could not enjoy worship properly, because I was forbidden from pursuing Christ. I felt like an outcast. My thoughts became worldly, to the point where I would instantly shut out any talk of Christianity, even within my own heart.

When I became an adult, I was given the privilege to study overseas. But although I had freedom to do everything in life, I was becoming very unhappy and feeling empty. It seemed as though in every aspect of life – work, friends, relationships, family – I was not getting what I wanted or was unable to sustain it. I felt entirely lost in everything I did, how I behaved, how I differentiated between right and wrong. If I can put it this way: the wrong never felt wrong, the right never felt right. There was no light in my heart and I couldn’t find joy. I felt down and angry at the world. Mostly I felt dead inside and unworthy to exist.

One day, it suddenly occurred to me that I could feel a sense of ‘purity’ and liveliness by going to church and school again. But I was afraid to step into a church on my own. God, instead, found a way. A friend asked me to accompany her to a small group gathering. I hesitated at first and it took me awhile to see that I needed to put God first but I slowly realised that He was giving me peace and I felt my ‘empty doughnut hole’ beginning to fill in. I was touched again by His presence.

I am now ready and able to shift my focus on Him in everything I do. By faith, I have started to accomplish things as they start to matter again, no matter how small they may seem. His love has truly filled me up again.

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