Giraffe in Singapore

The LCA had previously invited the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) to join Giraffe. So far we have sent five people over the last ten years. The last group that went was in 2006, when three young people attended Giraffe International. When they came back, they approached me about started a Giraffe in Singapore. So why have Giraffe in Singapore?

Firstly, young adults (18-30 years old) are very busy in Singapore. They are ambitious, keen to try new things – just hungry for new experiences and challenges. Some of them will be in the universities, others may have started working, and many of the men will be serving their two years National Service in the army. These are interim periods, crossroads that young adults face in their lives when they are being prepared for something more. This is a critical time in their lives, and something should be done to bring this group together for the church to minister to them.

Secondly, the nature of Giraffe is so different from the hectic always-on-the-go lifestyle of Singapore. Singaporeans coast along from one thing to another, often because everything is planned out for them. Giraffe will enable them to reflect on their life, where they are heading and how they are living.

Thirdly, there is also the emphasis in Giraffe of forming Christian community, being together, helping each other grow in our faith journey. There is a need and hunger for Christian community among young people, and they want to experience genuine friendship. Giraffe offers Singaporeans a time of reflection, learning and living in Christian community to become true Christian friends.

I hope Giraffe will become something that young adults can look forward to every year. The LCS is committed to having Giraffe in Singapore, and we are thankful for the partnership of the LCA.

This story was also published in the July 2008 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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