Food for Life

The pond teaming with fish, and the lush green, productive vegetable garden belie the harsh realities of 63 year old Sok Simpli’s former life. The atrocities of the Pol Pot regime lie buried in her memory. The life which followed that torturous time brought hardships of other kinds. Living in the village of Krus and widowed at an early age, Sok struggled to survive, and to feed and care for her six children.

Since 2006, medical mission teams sent by the Lutheran Church in Singapore, together with people from the Lutheran churches in Australia and Hong Kong, have brought vital primary medical care to impoverished people living in and around Sok’s village in the Kamong Chhnang province.

In 2010 the Life Centre and Lutheran Church were established in Krus.

As the annual visits continued, the Life Centre and church became the hub for many activities and the source of great change and hope for Sok and the people of Krus village. Now the ‘Daily Bread’ feeding program provides hearty meals for 55 hungry children and 15 infirmed and aged people. English and computing classes give more than 100 children and young people the prospect of further education. Livelihood programs give Sok and fellow villagers opportunities to learn new sustainable farming practices. Bible studies, worship and children and youth evangelistic camps give the people opportunities to know Jesus and his love for them.

Through the Life Centre, Sok receives so much more than new skills. Sok and her children have come to know Jesus and have been baptised into the Lutheran family (Lutheran Church in Cambodia).

Sok’s son Dara has completed university studies in Phnom Penh and returned to Krus village to teach sustainable agriculture. He actively participates in the ministry programs of the growing Lutheran Church. Another son, Raksmey, is studying theology in Phnom Penh while staying at the (Lutheran) Rainbow Student Hostel. He is keen to share the good news of Jesus with fellow Cambodians while he teaches them about best practice in agriculture.

Sok is a faithful, active member of the Lutheran church in the village. She is one of the lay leaders of Krus, even making time to attend some short-term Bible courses to help her grow and serve in greater ways. She has so much more than food every day. Sok now knows the source of love and life, Jesus Christ. She and her family have food for life.

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