Faith brings Freedom and a Future

Ouan was the last remaining doctor spirit in the village of Ban Huay Tong, in Thailand’s Nan Province.

Spirits exist in many forms in Nan and the common element they share is the possibility that they will become evil if they are not properly appeased. Therefore the placating of offending spirits plays an important role in the life of the local Lua people, as the spirits are believed to cause loss of crops, illness and even death.

Those who have the power to appease these spirits are the doctor spirits. These doctor spirits are lavished with food and other payments for their important role.

Ouan’s family lives in Laos, where she moved as a refugee. Without her family to care for her, she relied on her position as a doctor spirit to ensure she had a prosperous life. And yet, Ouan did not think she had a good life. She worried about everything. She felt enslaved. Her soul was restless.

Two years ago Lun Min, one of the Lua evangelists, visited Ban Huay Tong. The Holy Spirit spoke to Ouan through Lun Min, pouring God’s love into her heart, reassuring her whose she is – that she belongs to her Heavenly Father. Ouan realised that because God is in control, she does not have to be. She left her life as a doctor spirit and now Jesus is her life.

Since Ouan has become a believer, she no longer has a status of power or wealth, however her strength now comes from the Lord. Ouan is now a person of hope, knowing that she rests in God’s heart and her destiny is to share in Jesus’ eternal glory and to delight in the love the Father has for her.

Ouan has the reassurance that she was created for God to love her and that, in his love, he is rescuing her for himself. She knows this is an abundance that cannot be bought but is a free gift and is everlasting.

This story was also published in the December 2018 edition of Border Crossings, the magazine of LCA International Mission.

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