Conference first for Indonesian teachers

Lutheran school teachers in Indonesia have met for a national conference for the first time.

Sponsored by LCA International Mission, the conference drew 110 teachers from the thirteen member churches of the Lutheran World Federation National Committee in Indonesia to a three-day gathering in North Sumatra’s Samosir District.

The aim of the June conference was to identify and analyse any learning and teaching problems at Lutheran schools in Indonesia, and to assist teachers in solving these issues. It also intended to encourage Lutheran school staff to improve the quality of their teaching, as well as practicing their Lutheran values.

LCA International Mission also supports the LWF National Committee in Indonesia in various other ways, including backing for the national education secretary, Mr Ridwin Purba; education reforms developed through Dr Neville Highett, the LCA International Mission consultant in education; consultancy work; and in strengthening the Lutheran identity of the member churches in Indonesia through the provision of scholarships and the publication of specific Lutheran material.

Dr Highett told the conference that teachers must have a strong focus on the quality of education in the classroom and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

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