Blessings amidst a pandemic

In 2012, a partnership began between Navigator College in Port Lincoln, South Australia, and the school of SMA GKPS, Pematangraya, Indonesia. Since then, staff and students of the schools have been a blessing to each other, visiting, building relationships and providing support.

It has been a long time not to say hello to our brothers and sisters at Navigator College. The last time I visited Navigator was 2014, with two students. We enjoyed sharing and learning our culture with our brothers and sisters in Port Lincoln. We were really grateful for their hospitality and the kindness that we received during our visit. We were very safe at the time. We had nothing to worry about because we know that they loved and treated us from the deepest of their heart.

Jesus never stops blessing this partnership. Year by year SMA GKPS Pematangraya makes good progress because of support from the community, as well as from our partnership with Navigator College. Many parents send their children to SMA GKPS because they are interested in the partnership with Navigator College and like the direct involvement.

Currently, our total number of students is 700, with 227 students enrolled in Year 10. Our good news this year is that 230 students graduated from Year 12, with 85 of them being accepted into places at government universities.

The school of SMA GKPS is still closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, we have been doing online teaching and learning. We pray that this pandemic will end soon so that we can meet and greet our brothers and sisters from Navigator College. Our principal Mr. Sardiaman Sinurat, the staff and all the students miss everyone from Navigator, especially because they were not able to visit us this year. We always bring them in our prayer because they are our family.

Even in the time of this pandemic, God blesses us and our partnership.

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