Asian partners rally to support flood victims

Seventeen of Cambodia’s twenty-four provinces are experiencing the worst flooding in over a decade. Over a million people are affected, and more than 100,000 families (500,000 people) displaced, and these numbers are expected to rise. Many homes have been badly flooded, and in some areas they have been washed away entirely. With formerly safe places also flooded, many people have very few options for shelter. Humanitarian organisations are distributing food and non-food items to accessible areas.

‘But the need is large’, reports Sally Lim, coordinator of the Lutheran Church in Singapore’s Lutheran World Mission (LWM) Cambodia, which is supported by the LCA. ‘Many affected communities have still not received assistance.’

LWM Cambodia staff report that many people who have fled to higher ground are stranded with little or no food. ‘People are starving for food and medical help … [they] are so poor and sick.’

‘Our people have been suffering in the worst situation which we never experienced before’, Horng Chian, a commune leader, and Keo Lorn, a village head, said to LWM staff. ‘We are so happy to see people caring for our people. We feel so lonely and neglected here.

‘Since we have been facing the flood, LWM is the first group that came to help us. With the help, somehow we continue to survive.’

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