a year of growing

The Grow Leadership team came together for their first intensive at Nunyara Conference Centre in Belair, South Australia. Grow Ministries was supported by other departments of the LCA to provide an opportunity for participants to delve deeper into what leadership is, Lutheran theology and spiritual reflection.

Emma Graetz (Grassroots Training) began the journey with two days of learning about Christian leadership. Rev James Winderlich (Principal – Australian Lutheran College) and Rev Tom Pietsch (ALC lecturer) eagerly facilitated the theology elective taking us on a journey into Lutheran theology using all 5 senses! Lyn Benger (Child and Family Encourager – Salisbury Lutheran Church) and Vicki Rochow (Grow Leadership Coordinator) walked with the participants on a spiritual retreat. We were visited by Rev Neville Otto (Secretary – LCA) who entertained us with his answers during an interview ‘on the couch’. Fiona Weckert (Blueprint Ministries) spent time sharing and learning about the young adults. Erin Kerber (Program Officer – LCA International Mission) rounded up the week with an insight into the wonders of Cambodia and what participants can expect on their visit!

Participants are now well into the PARTICIPATION experience of the program by their involvement in a local congregational ministry. They are supported in this journey by their congregational mentors, who will encourage them to seek out ways to share their gifts and abilities. They also meet regularly with their personal mentor for a minimum of 10 mentor sessions over the year.

From 9 to 19 July the team were involved in the STRETCH AND GROW experience. This experience is in partnership with LCA International Mission and the Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC). During this team we were being immersed in an amazing country. The history of Cambodia is very sad but the future is incredibly bright. The team had an opportunity to discover the past, visiting the Killing Fields and Genocide museum to hear and understand Cambodia’s history. We also saw the present when we visited and interacted with a number of LCC ministries including the Tang Krang Community Centre in Kampong Cham village and the Rainbow Hostel/City church in Phnom Penh. The Lutheran Church in Cambodia is only young but they are vibrant and extremely resourceful. We saw the projects that are changing lives and met the wonderful people making it happen. The team also participated with the local church leaders to facilitate a youth/children evangelism event while at Tang Krang.

If you would like to consider the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in mission, serving in practical ways, teaching English, teaching in the seminaries and institutions of our partner churches, or in local churches, you are invited to phone Nevin on (08) 8267 7300 or email nevin.nitschke@lca.org.au. For more information, go to http://www.lcamission.org.au/join-gods-mission/volunteer/

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