Our hands, God’s mission

I arrived in Cambodia, with my wife Sybil, on 23 November 2013 for our second medical mission trip with Lutheran World Mission. We travelled by bus to Kampong Chhnang where we met the medical and dental teams from Singapore and Hong Kong.  The next morning  we made our way to Krus Village and the Life Centre, in Kampong Chhnang Province, to begin preparations for the medical clinic on Tuesday.

In Krus, the first order of business was to distribute some food packs to the poorest of the local villagers. This was a good chance to spread the love of our Lord to the people in the village.

At the Life Centre we sorted and packed all drugs and medical supplies that would be needed for the clinic sessions the next day.  While this was happening, others in the group were helping with English lessons for the village children at the Life Centre and food preparation.

On Tuesday morning we joined the dental team from Hong Kong for a medical/dental clinic in a neighbouring village, Preah Mun. The first stage in the running of the clinic was to get those who needed to see the doctors into triage order.  We then recorded the patient’s details and reason for seeing the doctor, after which we took blood pressure, temperatures and recorded their weight.  After diagnosis and prescriptions from the doctor, the patients went to the pharmacy for their medication.

This process was rolling along in some form of controlled chaos at the medical clinic and a similar thing was occurring at the dental clinic; professional extractions, fluoride treatments and dental-care education.

While the doctors, dentists and nurses were ministering to the patient’s physical needs, the spiritual needs of their souls were tended by the cheerful volunteers from Singapore and Hong Kong through  songs, stories and games about our Lord and Saviour. At the end of a busy and successful day we were thanked by the village headman and the leader of the local commune.

The next two days were full to brimming with the management of eye-screening and tooth-fluoride-treatment clinics, at two local high schools.  The eye-screening was done in conjunction with the local government hospital’s eye specialist.  Sybil and I screened the students and teachers, to work out who needed glasses and the specialist would re-test those who failed the sight tests and prescribe as required.

Somewhere near 1000 students and teachers were tested with about 6% requiring glasses. There was enough money in the kitty to pay for all those who needed glasses and again, our generous and loving Lord provides!

Our experience has been addictive and we’ve received much more from our time in Cambodia than we could possibly have given.

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