Help for Grandma!

Nong Va is a little girl living under the busy highway within a two minute walk to Home of Praise, a school run by the ELCT (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Thailand). Nong Va is only 2 years old, but has already experienced many painful things in her life.

She has never known her dad, and her mum has been in prison and will be for many more years after being caught selling drugs. Today Nong Va stays with her grandma, who does her best to take care of her.

Six months ago something good happened in Nong Va’s life. She was given a place in Home of Praise nursery school, near where she and her Grandma live! For Nong Va’s grandma, this meant she was able to start work again and bring in an income. For Nong Va, it meant she could stay in a safe environment during the day, with people who give her love and care, a place where she can run around and play, where she can learn, have healthy meals and rest.

Nong Va loves being in Home of Praise, she loves the teachers and she loves her friends. She is a very engaged learner and, as she learned to talk, she learned to ask many questions! She is a smart little girl with a good attitude, but because of her experiences so far in life, she needs a lot of attention and love. Attention and love is exactly what she gets in the nursery. Attention and love from her teachers, friends, volunteers and visitors. Nong Va has a community and has hope!

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