Distrik Wokmeri Trening Skul (Women’s Work Training School)

There are four Wokmeri Trening Skuls (women’s work training schools) in Papua New Guinea. These provide training for the women, and leaders who serve the women, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG). Much has changed over the years in relation to the needs of the women. These days a new curriculum provides a much more structured and deliberate course that is taught over two years.

Those who train for this area of ministry in ELC-PNG are now educated in a wide range of subjects. In the first year this includes: New and Old Testament, catechism, Bible study, preaching and liturgy, Sunday School, church history, stewardship and environment, how to conduct meetings, health and hygiene, accounting, sewing, handcrafts, agriculture, social studies and news, English, reading and writing, and music.

In the second year subjects covered include: New and Old Testament, women of the Bible, Bible study, catechism, preaching, conduct of leaders, ELC-PNG history, women of the church, Christian women and family life, nutrition, health and hygiene, preparation of courses and programs, bookkeeping, English, sewing, handcrafts and music.

This very detailed course gives the women leaders an excellent grounding in ministry to their own people. It is important that this new course that has been expanded and developed is now taught to those who will teach the women who study at the four women’s work training schools.

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